Thursday, March 3, 2016



Yeung-an Jang is a third generation ceramicist  living in the famous pottery producing city of Icheon, South Korea - a world famous centre for ceramics and the location of the World Ceramic Biennale. Working under the label Suan Ceramics, Yeung-an has spent the past 39 years mastering the noble tradition of Goryeo celadon and meeting the challenge of carving and inlay techniques on a double-layer body.  He appreciates the honour of developing the traditional culture and now, as he arrives at the culturally significant age of 60, is pleased to be able to share his work in Australia where his son, Ki-hun Jang, is studying ceramics at Sydney College of Art, University of Sydney.

Please join us at the Opening
6 - 8 pm Friday 9 March
The Exhibition will close 27 March, 2012

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