Curriculum Vitae
Yeung-an Jang

Selected Solo exhibitions / performances / events
2012 Suan Ceramics in Sydney - Kerrie Lowe Gallery, Sydney, Australia
2011 Celadon Inlaying-Piercing Exhibition - Wolsa Gallery, Ulsan, Korea
2010 Suan Jang Yeung-an Celadon - Ulsan Culture Art Centre, Ulsan, Korea
2010 Suan Celadon Exhibition - Hwabong Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2006 Suan Jang Yeung-an & Ceramic - Bangjea Gallery, Anyang, Korea
2004 Suan Jang Yeung-an Exhibition - Seoul Olympia Gallery, Korea
1999 Suan Celadon Exhibition - Matsuzakaya Department Stores, Japan

Selected group exhibitions / performances
2011 Jeunseun Ceramic Association Membership Group Exhibition - Icheon Art Centre, Korea
2011 Traditional Ceramic Association Group Exhibition - DEBEC Plaza Gallery, Daegu, Korea
2011 Tea & Design - Korea Ceramic Foundation, Icheon, Korea
2009 Jeunseun Ceramic Association Membership Exhibition - Icheon Ceramic Centre, Korea
2009 Ceramic, meeting with Tea - Seoul Art Gallery, Korea
2009 Ceramic with Colour - Icheon Ceramic Centre, Korea
2008 Traditional Ceramic Association Group Exhibition - Icheon World Ceramic Center, Korea
2007 Ceramic, meeting with Flower - Insa Art Plaza Gallery, Korea
2006 Traditional Ceramic Institution Exhibition - Korea Institute of Design Promotion, Korea
2005 Ceramic, Colour and Tech. - Hangaram Design Museum, Seoul, Korea

Grants and awards
2011 Grand Prix - The 8th Ceramic Arts Award of Korea 2011 - Incheon, Korea
2011 Silver Prize - The 16th Jeonju Traditional Craft National Award - Jeonju, Korea
2011 Selected Prize - The 30th Grand Art Exhibition of Korea - Seoul, Korea
2010 Selected Prize - Korea Celadon Contemporary Ceramic Award - Incheon, Korea
2008 Grand Prix - The 3rd International Tea Utensil Design Competition - Seoul, Korea
2008 Grand Prix - The 29th Grand Art Exhibition of Korea - Seoul, Korea
1999 Special Selection Award - Gyeoggi Craft Competition - Icheon, Korea

Community art projects
2012 Suan Ceramics Workshop - Sydney College of the Art, The University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia
2011 Ceramic Workshop - Korea Institute of Ceramic Engineering & Technology, Icheon, Korea
2007 - 2012 Rehabilitation counsellor - Army Prison, Yongin, Korea

2006 A practical new design: A method of glaze and Sanggam - Korean Intellectual Property Office
2003 A method of raised pattern forming for pottery(Re.No. 038191) - Korean Intellectual Property Office
2003 Temperature control method of kiln for ceramic ware using LNG(Re.No. 10-0919285) - Korean Intellectual Property Office
1996 A practical new design: Tea ceramic ware - Korean Intellectual Property Office

PowerHouse Museum, Sydney, Australia. 
Icheon City Hall, Korea.
Jeunseun Ceramic Association, Korea
Traditional Ceramic Association, Korea
Myongji University,Yongin, Korea

Private collections
Japan, China, Taiwan, England, USA, Australia and Korea

Community awards
2010 The Army Chief of the Personnel manager Award, Korea
2010 The Army Chief of the General staff Award, Korea
2009 The Mayor of Icheon Honor, Korea
2008 The 6th Korea environment culture Award - World Green Environment Union
2008 The governor of Gyeonggi province Honor, Korea
2007 The chief of Icheon fire department Award, Korea
1998 The Mayor of Icheon Honor, Korea

1999 Graduated School of Industrial Technology, Ceramics - Myongji University, Yongin, Korea
1973 Teasung high school graduated, Yongin, Korea

2008 - 2012 Myongji University, Yongin, Korea - casual academic teacher
1986 - 2012 Established the company ‘SUAN CERAMICS’
1979 - 1986 Heahwa Ceramics, Yongin, Korea
1973 Started the career with father (Jang, Chang-hwan - 2nd generation of the family business)

Articles / Features
2012 Creating the new, modelled on the old, - review Min-Jung Kim, Craft Arts International, No. 86, p. 106-107.
2010 NEWS TIME  - 'Suan Ceramics' , Korea
2009 5th World Ceramic Biennale Korea - 'Suan' , Icheon, Korea
2007 The way of virtue - 'Respiration of potter' by Kyu-Min Nou 
2006 News Magazine - 'Unique design and method of Goryeo celadon' by Tea-Gi Jeong
1998 Gyeonggi Weekly - 'Traditional ceramics', Korea