About Suan

Yeung-An Jang

Impressed by the noble and mysterious secret colours of the Goryeo celadon and Chosun white porcelain, I have lived as a ceramist for 39 years.
To make the Goryeo celadon, particularly with inlaying technique on double-layer body, has not been so an easy task. The classical beauty of the Goryeo celadon, as if it were at the highest level of Korea ceramic art the Goryeo dynasty, is now being flourished. In this time of the era as one of ceramists, I feel the lofty mission that I should lead this property.
It is honourable to stand at the position of developing the traditional culture continuously, and the honour is more than I deserve. I sincerely hope that the works will be useful mean to appreciate the function and technique of the traditional ceramic art. 

Yeung-an Jang.